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New Open Box Acroprint ATR 120  Electronic Time Recorder

Fast and easy to use top loading electronic time clock with automatic shift positioning. Just insert the card select the type of punch (in or out) and the clock will print in the correct card position automatically.

Use for weekly or bi-weekly pay periods.

Always on Time -- Maintains time when power is off, Perpetual Calendar, Auto Daylight Saving Adjustment, and day/date & month changes.

End user can program buzzer to signify start and stop times. Two-color printing, showing early and late punches makes time card editing easy. User can select print format: Day, Hour, and Minute, 12 or 24 hour format. Large easy-to-read Clock Face and Digital Time Display, Time Clock Print Matches Digital Display, and AA Battery operated analog clock (battery included). Requires ATR121 time cards. Clock mounts easily on a wall or desktop.

Must use the time cards listed below.

8" w x 9"d x 5 "h. Shipping wt. 8 lbs.

Acroprint-ATR-120Regular price: $399.00Sale price: $199.00

ATR 120 Weekly / Bi-weekly time cards, 1K per boxBox of 1000 ATR121 time cards

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