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Product Description

Acroprint ATT310, ATT 310

Refurbished, one year warranty parts and labor.

Side printing elapsed time recorder.

Replaces those "manually figured" timeclocks.

Never hand total a time card again. The more employees you have the greater the savings with the use of this automatic caluculating time recorder.

Prints elapsed time between punches and totals for pay period.

Can be used for a weekly payroll only. For bi-weekly or semi monthly payroll see our other elapsed time recorders.

Ideal time clock for job costing.

The Acroprint ATT310 automatically resets its internal time clock for daylight savings adjustment.

Easy to replace ribbon cartridge.

Various imprints available by dip switch selection, can be set to emulate most mechanical time clocks.

Eight selectable month and day wheel languages including English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

Battery backup maintains time and time clock data when power is off.

Timeclock can be wall or table mounted.

One year warranty parts and labor. If repairs are needed time clock can be sent to Houston, Tx or Raleigh, NC.

This time clock ships direct from factory in Raleigh, NC


Weekly Time Cards for ATT310 Calculating Clock
Battery backup for Acroprint ATT310 & 175
Allows Acroprint ATT 310 and Acroprint 175 to print with no power. Fully functional when electric is off