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Refurbished Amano MRX35 Automatic Calculating Time Clock

Amano MRX35 Automatic Calculating Time Clock

Up to 50 employees

Accumulated totals for regular hours and two overtime levels

Automatic calculation of daily and weekly overtime.

Easily programmed thru the use of programming cards.

Programmable revision and exception zones.

We will program it for you so you can start using clock immediately without having to read any manuals.

Accomodates weekly and bi-weekly payroll.

Refurbished Amano MRX-35 Automatic Calculating Time Clock Amano-MRX35Regular price: $740.00Sale price: $299.00

Time Cards for MRX35Time Cards for MRX35Package of 500 cards.

MRX35-time-cardsRegular price: $75.00Sale price: $62.50