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Amano PIX 25 **New Atomic Model**

Replaces PIX 21, PIX 10, TCX 45, TCX 55

Automatically synchronizes to the NIST atomic clock via wireless signals

Configurable print direction for left or right hand printing

Prints multiple languages and pre-configured messages

Automatically changes year, month, and date

Automatic or manual print

Programmable print styles, military or regular time

Prints in minutes, hundredths, and tenths

Internal perpetual calendar automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time, leap years, and short months

Clear printing on paper or time cards

3-year battery backup retains time and settings

Large, easy-to-read digital display

Illuminated print window and guide improves efficiency on time card stamping

Locking enclosure prevents tampering with settings and reduces time card fraud

Wall or desk mount provides for flexible operation

1-year factory warranty

PIX-25 Time Recorder

PIX-25Regular price: $383.00Sale price: $279.00