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Amano Time Guardian MTX15  USB  Used Refurbished $199

Product Description:

The included software ver 4.0 does not need to be registered and includes no free support.


* Pin entry or badges.

* Complete PC-based time and attendance solution for your small business, accommodating 50 employees.

*Employee capacity upgrades are available.

*Time Guardian provides an easy and efficient way to manage your workforce by delivering the following features:


• Software wizard guides user through easy installation

• Seamless interface with major payroll companies including ADP, Peachtree, Paychex, Powerpay, and QuickBooks

• Software supports multiple languages (English, French, Canadian French, Spanish, Puerto Rican Spanish, Mexican Spanish, and Dominican Spanish)

• Automatic data polling and time synchronization

• Unlimited number of departments, pay policies, schedules, and holidays

• Accommodates weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay periods

• Optional auto-deduct for meal/break

• Overtime authorization capability

• Password security for login protects sensitive employee data

• Eight standard management reports: Hours Summary, Department, Employee, Time Card, Hours Worked, Exception, Audit-trail, and Presence

• Comprehensive time rounding capabilities including total day time rounding, individual punch rounding, meal net-rounding, and in/out time rounding (NEW!)

• Includes software (CD-ROM)

* MTX-15 badge terminal

* cabling (50 ft.)

* Badges #1 thru #25

* Keys (2)

* MTX-15 installation guide and QuickInstall Reference Guide.

• Signal-relay for ringing bells and opening doors

• Full operation power reserve (requires 6 AA batteries)


• Automatically calculates employee hours, eliminating costly errors and reducing preparation time

• User-friendly interface

• Comprehensive management reporting helps control your company's largest expense

• Customizable tool-bars, screen layout, and display

• Customizable Rounding: ability to round in and out puches separately

• Grace period for meals, Bonuses, Awards based on schedule and unpaid meals are all available

• Accommodates a wide range of schedules, payroll rules, pay codes, and reports

• Terminal includes two punch options: key pad or magnetic swipe card and displays employee name when punching.

Payroll Application Integration



• Gevity HR

• Pay Day of America

• PayChex

• Paychex Paylink

• QuickBooks

• Peach Tree

• Power Pay

System Requirements:

Pentium II 200Mhz

Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME

Available serial port

CD-ROM drive

16 Mb RAM

100 Mb HDD space

800 X 600 Display


Operating Environment: 32ēF to 113ēF (0ēC to 45ēC), 10-90% relative humility, Non-condensing AC Adapter Power Input: 120 VAC, 50-60Hz

Dimensions: 8.25"L X 4.25"W X 2.125"D, (210mm X 108mm X 54 mm) Weight: 6 lbs. (2.7216 kg)

Employee badges:

3.375"L X 2.215"W X 0.030", (86mm X 54mm X 0.76mm), Proprietary magnetic stripe badges or standard bar code badges

Memory Backup:

2 years continuous programming and punch memory without power


Amano-MTX15-time-guardianRegular price: $599.00Sale price: $199.00

Badges #26- #50 badges-time-guardian$50.00
New Time Guardian 100 Employee capacity
Time-Guardian-100-EmployeeRegular price: $799.00Sale price: $499.00
Badges #51- #75 Badges-51-75$50.00
Badges #76- #100 Badges-76-100$50.00
 Badge Rack 25 Capacity Badge Rack 25 CapacityThis badge rack is a necessary accessory to any PayClock Time and Attendance system. It keeps your badges organized and protected. Storing badges in a rack near the terminal helps prevent employee badge loss and lost time due to resolving punches manually. Many companies use two badge racks with one on each side of the terminal. As employees clock in, they move their badge from the "out" rack to the "in" rack. This gives managers and supervisors a quick way to determine who has clocked in and is on-site. When employees clock out for breaks or at the end of the day, they simply move their badges back to the "out" rack.

Designed to last for years, all racks are made of heavy duty steel which is powder coated charcoal grey to prevent corrosion. Mounting hardware and badge slot numbers are included to help you get the most out of your badge rack.

Badge-Rack-25BBRegular price: $49.00Sale price: $37.00