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Lathem PC600 Proximity RFID or Pin Entry Touch Screen

Lathem PC600 An ideal, cost-effective touch screen and proximity badge system for small businesses!

Lathem's PayClock PC600 System automatically calculates worked hours including overtime as well as providing the tracking of benefit time for 50 employees (and can be easily expanded to 1,000).

Consisting of a touch screen proximity badge terminal and easy-to-use time and attendance software, the PC600 terminal uses Ethernet communications to connect to your local area network (LAN) or it can be accessed in remote locations over the Internet. Employees enter PIN numbers or proximity badges to punch in and out, transfer departments or enter tips and amounts. Supervisors can add employees, edit punches and message employees directly at the terminal for fast and effective workforce management.

At the end of the pay period comprehensive payroll and attendance data can be viewed on the screen, printed to reports, sent to Excel, or exported directly into most major payroll software, including QuickBooks, ADP, and Paychex, for a seamless punch to paycheck solution. PayClock Software Features

Calculates worked hours including two levels of overtime Supports weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly and custom pay periods Powerful graphical scheduling with coverage reporting Maintains and tracks benefit time balances Quick and easy time card editing Automatic exception finder Supports punched breaks or auto-deducted breaks Labor distribution with department transfers and variable pay rates Ability to attach daily notes to time cards Provides dozens of time and labor reports Export reports to Excel, PDF, or HTML Export totals to popular payroll applications Build custom ASCII export files Options include employee expansion, and multi-user licenses

The PC600 Kit comes with everything you need: PC600 Terminal, PayClock Software (requires Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003/2008, or XP), 15 Radio Frequency Badges, Ethernet Cable, Operations Manual, and Wall Mounting Hardware.

30-day Support Policy from Lathem at no additional cost.

PC600 Touch Screen System

PC600 Terminal Features

*Full color touch screen terminal

*Proximity badge reader

*Tri-color transaction indicator

*10/100MB Ethernet port

*Internal audio speaker

*Three (3) USB ports

*Auto-update technology (via USB port or Internet)

*LCD power savings mode

*On-board Mini SD card reader for expansion

*Windows Embedded CE 6.0

*SQL Server Compact

*Microsoft .NET Framework

PC600 Terminal User Functions


*Badge Entry

*Pin entry

*Department Transfers

*Enter Tips or Amounts

*Schedule Lockout

*View Worked Hours

*View Last Punch Time

*View In/Out Status

*View Benefit Time

*View Text Messages

*Hear Audio Messages


View Employee Worked Hours & Time Off Balances

Override Employee Schedule Lockout

Add New Employees *

Edit Existing Employees *

Edit Employee Punches *

Send Employees Text or Audio Messages * * Requires Live Sync Mode Administrators: Configure Internet or Server Time Sync

Set Live Sync Operation

Network Setup

Automatic Daylight Saving Time Changes

Set Time & Date

12 Hour or 24 Hour Time Format

View Error Log

Update Firmware

An ideal solution for today's small business

It also seamlessly integrates with major payroll software such as QuickBooks®, ADP® and Paychex®.

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PC50-PC60 and PC600 badges pack of 15Pack of 15 additional badges.

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