Electronic Time Clocks
Free Signal Bellringer kit with any MJR clock purchase $140 value
Handpunch 4000 (1000, 2000, 3000 also available) Refurbished without software
Houston Equipment **OUT OF BUSINESS**
iFace Facial Biometric Fingerprint Recognition with Payroll Software
Job Cost Cards (1K Box) for Acroprint ATT 310
Lathem 1000E/1500E Used Refurbished Electronic Time Clocks $189.00
Lathem 2100 Refurbished Reconditioned Used Clock $189.00
Lathem 2100 Refurbished Used Battery Operated Clock
Lathem 2100-2121 Reconditioned time clock SPECIAL $179.00
Lathem 25 capacity expandable -plastic time card rack for 7" time cards
Lathem 25 capacity plastic expandable time card rack
Lathem Face Recognition Biometric System with Payroll Software
Lathem PC100 Refurbished Replacement Terminal Only
Lathem PC600 Proximity RFID or Pin Entry Touch Screen
Lathem Time Clocks
Mechanical Time Clocks
New Amano PIX 21**OUT OF STOCK REPLACED BY PIX 25 Electronic Time Clock
New Lathem Battery Powered Time Clock
New Steel Time Card Rack, 12 Card Capacity for 9" cards only
New TimeCalc Calculating Totaling Time Clock $249.00
New Updated Model Amano Time Clock CP5000 3 Yr Warranty Automatic - Consecutive Spacing
OEM Acropint Face Verify Extra Add On Terminal OEM
OEM Acroprint Face Verify Facial Recognition OEM with Payroll Software
Optional add to PIX3000 time signal control
Proximity Systems
Pyramid 4000 Used Refurbished Calculating totalizing electronic clock
Rapidprint New Time Clock Stamp AR-E
Rapidprint AN-E Numbering Machines Used Refurbished $299.00

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