Badge Rack 25 Capacity
Handpunch Biometric Refurbished 512 Employee serial HP2000 with Time Guardian Software
$499. Rapidprint AR-E Used Refurbished Reconditioned Time Stamp
**OUT OF STOCK**Amano PIX 95/55/45 Atomic Electronic Clock- Refurbished
**OUT OF STOCK**Pyramid 4000 Used Refurbished Calculating totalizing electronic clock
**OUT OF STOCK**Refurbished Used Acroprint ES700 Electronic Clock $199.00
**OUT OF STOCK--Amano BX6000 BX1500 or EX3000 Used / Refurbished semi automatic payroll clock
*OUT OF STOCK- Lathem 2100 Refurbished Reconditioned Used Clock $189.00
25 Capacity Time Card Rack, Heavy Durable Plastic
3329 Time Card
6658 Time Card
Acroprint Time Clocks
Amano TCX21 Used / Refurbished Electronic Clock
Amano 6800 Used Refurbished Consecutive Punch Time Clocks
Amano CP3000 Refurbished Reconditioned Eledtronic Clock Consecutive Punch
Amano MJR 7000 New Clock $1475- 3 year warranty
Amano MJR 8000 Time Clock Used / Refurbished $849.00
Amano MJR7000 /MJR 7000 $699 **SPECIAL** Used/ Refurbished Calculating Clock 100 Employee Capacity
Amano MJR7000EZ Used / Refurbished $699.00
Amano NS5100 Electronic time clock, date and numbering machine
Amano PIX 25 **New Atomic Model**
Amano PIX200 PIX 200 $399.00 Atomic Time Clock
Amano Time Clocks
Amano Time Guardian MTX15 USB Used Refurbished $199
Badge Swipe Systems
Battery backup for Acroprint ATT310 & 175
Battery Powered Clocks
Business Resources
Calculating Totaling Time Clocks
DISCONTINUED Amano Fingerprint FPT80 Biometric System
DISCONTINUED Lathem Face Recognition Biometric System with Payroll Software
Electronic Time Clocks
Free Signal Bellringer kit with any MJR clock purchase $140 value
Handpunch & Biometric, Face Recognition
Handpunch 4000 (1000, 2000, 3000 also available) Refurbished without software
Houston Equipment **OUT OF BUSINESS**
iFace Facial Biometric Fingerprint Recognition with Payroll Software
Job Cost Cards (1K Box) for Acroprint ATT 310
Lathem 1000E/1500E Used Refurbished Electronic Time Clocks $189.00
Lathem 25 capacity expandable -plastic time card rack for 7" time cards
Lathem 25 capacity plastic expandable time card rack

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